Leading from essence

A Team Intensive: a boost in connectedness

Creating space and time to connect with what is important for each of your team members, the team as a whole and the collective.


With all that is happening in the world: globalisation, climate change, digital revolution and the need to learn and adapt faster, we want to guide in these times of change and strengthen individuals’ capabilities to cope with the (business) world of tomorrow.

For this, the main challenge is to shift our control-based mind-set to the fact that our organisations are complex living systems that constantly change.

We facilitate a learning process in order to create work settings that enable people to live from their intention and to work from their core values and shared purpose. We strive to create generative dialogues and results from an inter-connected place.

Our learning process offers a deeper understanding of what is truly important for each team member and the entire team. From these shared intentions and commitment to the (common) purpose, you will explore, inquire and learn to collaborate in a way that is co-creative and life giving.

“The imprint of this Team Intensive is that we take time to connect: we listen, reflect, learn and create and through that we have a higher impact on our business.”
– Leader team Corporate Communication-

Our experience has shown that nature is such a nourishing holding environment for this kinds of development programs. Depending on where your organisation is based, we will suggest suitable accommodation somewhere close to nature.

Based on the individual
interviews/intakes we will design a tailor-made Team Intensive. Mostly it is a 1 ½ day up to 3 x 2 day programme.

Some ingredients:
* mini solo time in nature,
* inquiry and acknowledging (personal) values, self-reflection,
* connect and (re)design a shared purpose,
* develop team dialogue skills (from debate to generative)

Din van Helden and Monica Boos