Leading from essence

WoN Austria Mini Nature Retreat
September 2020

In a Mini Nature Retreat we will explore capacities for reconnection, relaxation, presence and the cultivation of universal energy. At the heart of the process there will be a 6 hour ‘solo’ – a period of time all alone in Nature. This is a rich and often unforgettable exercise practiced by people throughout time. Around the ‘solo’ there will be space to share stories and wisdom in the circle, to help each other take magic from the experience back home.

- Arrival and welcome
- Awareness training (rooted in relaxation, presence and energy practices)

- 6 hours solitude time in nature
- Reintegration training

The programme will include conversations, a night journey, meditations, nature connection activities and a constant flow of exploration through the beautiful Austrian forest and mountains. This retreat will take place in Nenzinger Himmel .

We will start Saturday at 10 AM and will close the retreat Sunday at 4PM.

The fee is €280,00 for facilitation and the accommodation. This fee is excluding meals and local transport.

Din van Helden and Monica Boos