Leading from essence

Presence in the Wild

Nature Quest Romania
August 29th- September 5th 2020

"Presence in the Wild" is a 8-day Nature Quest; an awareness training combined with solo time in nature.

In the wild nature of Romania, you have the oppurtunity to strengthen the connection with your outer, inner and true nature. These often deep experiences of connectedness, presence and clarity and such a healthy ground to (re) connect with your true intentions.

This retreat combines our direct exoerience bridging self-leadership/organisational learning and profound work in nature, introducing tools and practices drawnn from our modern time as well as ancient traditions around the world. At the heart of the process are ideas drawn by John P. Milton, founder of Way of Nature and key figure in developing ideas related to Theory U and Presence. Through the process we will share some of these ideas and tools, also making time alone in nature, to connect with what we (Way of Nature community) call the three natures, inner Nature, outer Nature and, if lucky, we get a glimpse of the secret nature beneath all things.

This Nature Quest, with a 4 days and night solo in the remote Carpathians, can be a good support when you:
- Want to free yourself from busy everyday life and take a conscious break,
- If you want to be on yourself and are open for more connection & clarity,
- If you are open to face some deeper 'blockages' and want to establish a relationship with your deepest strength
- If you want to charge and realign yourself with life and leadership at the root,
- And want to come home, nourished by and in contact with 'the prestine intelligence of life' and if you are keen to integrate the seeds of this experience into your daily life.  

See for more information this website.

Walter Bertolini and Din van Helden